Frontplate Kit With 16x2 LCD and Rotary Encoder

Complete frontplate set including the 16x2 LCD, the rotary encoder with rubber cap as well as screws, nuts and cables. Use it to create a professional user interface for your project. Can be combined with FluxGarage Enclosure Bodies.

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That's Inside:

  1. 4x Screws + Nuts

    M3 x 10mm, lens head

  2. 4x Screws + Nuts

    M2.5 x 10mm, lens head

  3. 4x Screws + Nuts

    M2.5 x 16mm, lens head

  4. 1x Front Plate

    3mm acrylic (PMMA),
    glossy white

  5. 4x Distance Sleeves

    8mm length

  6. 1x LC-Display 16x2

    4 pin I2C, PCF8574T,
    blue bg, white text

  7. 1x Encoder Cap

    high grip rubber, black

  8. 1x Encoder Mount

    3mm acrylic (PMMA), matte black

  9. 1x Rotary Encoder

    30 steps per revolution,
    integrated pushbutton

  10. 2x JST Cable + Socket

    4 pin, 19 cm length, for rotary encoder