Arduino Controller For Automated 360° Product Photography

If you want to build a system for automated 360° product photography, you'll need a turntable, a camera and a controller that takes care of the turntable's rotation and the triggering of your camera. And that's exactly what this Arduino-based controller does.
When you start a "photoshooting" by pressing the button, the turntable performs a full revolution, divided into a pre-selected amount of steps. After each rotation step, the controller makes a short break and then triggers the camera via infrared.
The automatic camera shutter is based on a great library from „Sebastian Setz“ and works for infrared triggered cameras of Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Olympus, Pentax, Sony.
In combination with the FluxGarage Turntable For Stepper Motors, you can build your own powerful and low cost system for automated 360° product photography.

You can find detailed instructions to build such a controller on Instructables:

Instructions @ Instructables


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